MICAT to Moreton


MICAT to Moreton

It’s the ‘getting there’ in the ‘getting away from it all’ where so many holidays seem to go wrong. By the time you brave the crowds and the traffic, you’re more stressed than when you left. That’s where your Moreton Island Adventure couldn’t be more different.

A mere 20 min drive from Brissie, you can be onboard the MICAT and kicking back with a cold beer while some of those other ‘adventurers’ are still queuing for the toilet at roadside petrol stations with hours ahead of them.

We’ll have you driving straight onto the beach in around 75 minutes from leaving port. And the best bit is it’s just as easy on the way back. Compared to some of the other islands we’re at least half the travel time, and that lets you double the fun. You do the math!

Once onboard the MICAT reduce your tyre pressure to suit the conditions expected. Many locals on Moreton Island lower their tyre pressure to around 18 psi, however all vehicles are different. The MICAT has four air hoses on the vehicle deck for your convenience. Feel free to ask the deckhands for assistance if you are unsure.

Please note the Tangalooma Resort is approximately a 20 minute walk along the beach from the MICAT landing point on Moreton Island. For walk-on passengers with heavy luggage staying at the resort we recommend travelling on the Tangalooma Flyer.

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